Wintershall Dea is committed to trusted relationships with its suppliers.

Wintershall Dea Procurement
Wintershall Dea

As global Procurement with a local presence in our business units, Wintershall Dea procures products and services worth more than a billion euros annually. The company works with our suppliers and contractual partners in a trusting, personal manner while observing the highest standards. We qualify our suppliers taking account of the following aspects: sustainability, respecting human rights, quality, compliance with high technical and HSE standards. Wintershall Dea therefore makes its procurement decisions taking these aspects into account. The company is interested in fair and long-term supplier relationships.

Wintershall Dea Water Deposit Processing Site
Wintershall Dea/Frederik Laux
Sustainability in the supply chain – our expectations

For Wintershall Dea, sustainability-oriented management of the supply chain means raising the awareness of our expectations and standards among our suppliers.

The company expects all suppliers to comply with applicable laws and internationally recognized environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) standards. And that our suppliers do all they can to ensure that their suppliers and subcontractors also implement these standards.

In selecting suppliers and assessing new and existing supplier relationships, protection of the environment, respecting human rights, compliance with labour and social standards, and anti-discrimination and anti-corruption guidelines are also relevant for Wintershall Dea alongside economic criteria.

Our understanding of these ESG standards is reflected in the Code of Conduct, which can be found in the download centre.

If you have any concerns about unlawful conduct or misconduct, please contact the responsible BASF Compliance Hotline.

We accept our responsibility for protecting the environment and the climate and shape our processes in such a way that the environment impact and energy and resource consumption are minimised. As part of the sustainability strategy the company has implemented the DIN EN ISO 50001 Energy Management System at relevant locations.

Against this background, Wintershall Dea has a strong interest in improved energy efficiency for the machines, systems, products, services or facilities we use. Procurement decisions are therefore made taking these aspects into account. 

Procurement activities

Engineering and construction services, plants and facilities:

  • Construction of oil and gas processing plants and storage facilities
  • Engineering services/studies
  • Machinery, equipment and process management systems
  • Pipeline construction

Drilling services and rigs, geology and geophysics:

  • Drilling services, shaft maintenance, and equipments
  • HSE services
  • G & G procurement activities (including seismic surveys)
  • Consulting agreements
  • Studies
  • Logistics concepts for new ventures

IT, facility management, administration:

  • IT/CT equipment and services
  • Marketing and trade fairs
  • Temporary staff / loan workers
  • Consulting, management and other services
  • Facility management and disposal
  • Online information on oil and gas
  • General requirements
Wintershall Dea Neuquén Drilling Rig
Wintershall Dea/Alejandro Kirchuk
Supplier Documents

As part of the merger between Wintershall and DEA into Wintershall Dea, we will successively convert all our documents. Until that process has been completed, you can find all the documents here that are still valid for suppliers of the former Wintershall Holding and former DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG.

BASF Supplier Code of Conduct
BASF compliance hotlines_EN
Wintershall Acceptance Certificate
Wintershall Conditions of Purchase Consulting and Training May 2019
Wintershall Conditions of Purchase for the Provision of Temporary Workers May 2019
Wintershall Conditions of Purchase Standard Software May 2019
Wintershall General Conditions of Purchase May 2019
Wintershall HSE Requirements Supplement to General Conditions of Purchase Goods Services
Wintershall Sicherheitsbestimmungen fuer Kontraktoren
Wintershall Specific Subsurface Services Terms and Conditions
Wintershall Terms and Conditions Construction and Installation work May 2019
Wintershall Terms and Conditions Marketing Services, Trade Fairs and Events May 2019
Wintershall Timesheet
DEA Code of Conduct_EN
DEA Code of Conduct_ES
DEA Code of Conduct_AR
DEA General Procurement Terms & Conditions May 2018_EN
DEA General Procurement Terms & Conditions May 2018_ES
DEA General Terms & Conditions for Construction and Installation Work May 2018_EN
DEA General Terms and Conditions México May 2018_EN
DEA Data protection declaration for the Contiki tender portal
DEA Safety Regulations for Contractors
DEA Additional information for service companies: Mittelplate
DEA Additional information for service companies: Production facilitiy Dieksand
DEA Safety Headquarter City Nord
DEA Additional security terms and conditions for the assignment of contractor personnel
Wintershall Dea Deutschland AG Information leaflet on sending electronic invoices and credit notes
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