Argentina Unconventional resources

The country's shale gas and shale oil reservoirs rank among the largest in the world. A solid foothold in Argentina is gas production in Tierra del Fuego.

Wintershall Dea Argentina
Wintershall Dea/Alejandro Kirchuk

Wintershall Dea has been active in Argentina for more than 40 years. Today, the company has a stake in a total of 15 onshore and offshore fields. It acts as operator for three of them. Argentina not only has large amounts of conventional resources but is also one of the most important growth regions in the area of unconventional resources: It is number two in the world for its shale gas reservoirs and number four for its shale oil resources.

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Where we operate in Argentina

In the south of the country, off the coast of Tierra del Fuego, Wintershall Dea is a partner in the offshore concession Cuenca Marina Austral 1, CMA-1 for short. Natural gas, crude oil and small volumes of condensate are produced here from ten fields. The second focus is on shale oil and shale gas pilot projects in the Neuquén Province in Central Argentina: Wintershall Dea is the operator for the Aguada Federal and Bandurria Norte blocks in Neuquén, and is carrying out shale oil pilot projects there. The company is also the operator in the CN-V block in Mendoza. The block’s potential is currently being evaluated. The first exploration well struck oil in four layers.

people are employees at Wintershall Dea in Argentina.
million barrels of oil equivalent are produced by the company annually in Argentina.
is the position held by Wintershall Dea among the country’s gas producers.
million cubic metres of natural gas are produced daily from the offshore concession CMA-1.
billion barrels of oil are located in the Vaca Muerta formation in Neuquén according to estimates.
Wintershall Dea Drilling Rig Aguada Federal

The drilling rig 695 in Aguada Federal in front of an unusual cloud spectacle.

Wintershall Dea/Alejandro Kirchuk
Aguada Federal - first own shale oil project

The Aguada Federal block in the Neuquén province can be found within the Vaca Muerta rock formation. Huge amounts of oil and gas are located here in the shale rock. Aguada Federal is the first self-operated shale oil project of Wintershall Dea and technologically complex: Horizontal wells and hydraulic stimulation are necessary to produce the crude oil and natural gas. In the first four pilot wells, Wintershall Dea already succeeded in significantly reducing the costs per well. Two more wells are to be completed 2019 and will provide further information.

Wintershall Dea Production Site Bandurria Norte

The Bandurria Norte block has a size of 107 square kilometres.

Wintershall Dea/Alejandro Kirchuk
Bandurria Norte - a direct route to oil and gas

Bandurria Norte is a neighboring block of Aguada Federal, a shale oil pilot project is also to be carried out here. To save time, the derrick for the four horizontal pilot wells was placed on a sort of sleigh, thus enabling sections of identical depth to be drilled in series. The first oil was successfully produced in 2018.

Wintershall Dea Offshore Platform Vega Pléyade

Vega Pléyade is connected to the onshore processing installations at Rio Cullen via a 77-km gas exporting pipeline.

Vega Pléyade - the world’s southernmost production platform

The world’s southernmost production platform is located in the Vega Pléyade field. Put into operation in 2016 off the coast of Tierra del Fuego, the platform makes a significant contribution to Argentina’s natural gas supply with a daily production volume of 8.5 million cubic metres. Vega Pléyade is one of ten fields in the CMA-1 concession that are connected with each other via a complex infrastructure for production, processing and transport. The as yet undeveloped Fenix and Leo fields promise further potential.

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