Wintershall Dea Pumping Jacks
Wintershall Dea Pumping Jacks
Wintershall Dea/Christian Burkert


Wintershall Dea commits to explore and produce gas and oil in the most efficient and responsible way. We constantly minimizing our ecological footprint, using resources efficiently, enforcing high standards in all we do, creating trust through transparency and engaging actively with stakeholders.

Wintershall Dea Pipeline

Dedicated to climate protection

We believe that we are contributing to a better world for the generations of today and of the future by simultaneously taking on two major challenges: meeting the growing worldwide need for reliable and affordable energy and helping to mitigate climate change.

Health Safety Wintershall Dea
Health and Safety

No room for compromise

Our company works in an industry where great importance is attached to health, occupational and plant safety, security and environmental protection and information protection.