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Wintershall Dea’s roots lie in Germany – and even after 125 years, the company still runs its global business from there.

More than a 100 years ago, the company focused on mining potash salt.
Wintershall Dea Germany
Wintershall Dea Germany
Wintershall Dea/David Hecker

Wintershall Dea’s roots lie in Germany. The company has been active there for more than 100 years. It currently produces from 15 oil fields and around 40 gas fields. Production in Germany is challenging and often only possible at considerable extra cost and effort. That is why production there – with its very high safety and environmental standards – enhances the company’s technological expertise. Its two headquarters are also located in Germany: in Kassel and Hamburg.

Quickfact Germany
Quickfact Germany
Wintershall Dea Map Germany
Wintershall Dea Map Germany
Where we operate in Germany

Crude oil is produced in North Germany from the Mittelplate offshore field and from the onshore fields in Emlichheim and the region of Barnstorf. There are also oil fields in Landau in the Palatinate, and Aitingen, Bavaria. The company produces natural gas in Lower Saxony from fields such as Weyhe, Hemsbünde, Bötersen and Völkersen, as well as in Staffhorst. Natural gas also comes from the German North Sea – from Germany’s only offshore gas production platform A6-A.

per cent of the natural gas produced in Germany comes from Lower Saxony.
9,275 m
is how far Dieksand 6, longest German production well, extends into the Mittelplate field.
rock samples per year are processed at the drill core warehouse in Barnstorf.
million tons of oil per year are produced from the Mittelplate field.
Wintershall Dea Production Site Mittelplate Mittelplate
Wintershall Dea Production Site Mittelplate Mittelplate

In Mittelplate, crude oil has been produced since 1987.

Wintershall Dea
Mittelplate - Germany’s largest crude oil field

The Mittelplate field is located in the Wadden Sea. It is Germany’s largest oil field and also produces more oil than any other in the country. Wintershall Dea is the sole shareholder. An artificial drilling and production island was constructed seven kilometres off Friedrichskoog to enable production, while strict environmental and safety standards were developed. Mittelplate is one of the main pillars of crude oil production in Germany: More than 35 million tons of oil have been produced from the field and it is estimated a further 15 to 20 million tons can be recovered.

Emlichheim - A reliable source for more than 70 years

One of the oldest oil fields in Germany is situated in Emlichheim on the Dutch border. The company has been recovering oil there at a consistently high level for more than 70 years – a world record. That is made possible by steam flooding, where hot steam is injected under pressure into the reservoir. The oil trapped in the rock becomes less viscous and flows more easily to the wells. As a result, up to 40 per cent of the oil in the reservoir can be recovered instead of the usual one-third. Further wells in as yet undeveloped parts of the field are planned in 2019.

Wintershall Dea Emlichheim
Wintershall Dea Emlichheim
  Wintershall Dea has been active in Emlichheim for decades and the horsehead pumps have become a familiar sight.
Wintershall Dea/Christian Burkert
More information about Wintershall Dea in Germany can be found on our country website
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More than 45 years in the country, about 100 licences: Wintershall Dea is one of the leading gas and oil companies in Norway, one of Europe's most important energy suppliers.