United Kingdom Self-sufficient production

Off the British coast, Wintershall Dea has been producing since 2011 – efficiently and with state-of-the-art technology.

98% of the oil and gas production in the UK comes from offshore fields.
Wintershall Dea United Kingdom Coast Town
Wintershall Dea United Kingdom Coast Town

Wintershall Dea holds six concessions off the British coast as a shareholder of Wintershall Noordzee (50% Wintershall Dea, 50% Gazprom) which is operator in all of them. The most important project at present is the company’s first self-operated natural gas production operation in the British North Sea: Gas is being produced successfully from Wingate, a field discovered in 2008, using an unmanned platform. The portfolio also includes the two natural gas fields Sillimanite and Winchelsea, which were discovered in 2015 and 2016 respectively. All the concessions and production are supervised and controlled from the Wintershall Noordzee locations in the Netherlands.

Quickfact United Kingdom
Quickfact United Kingdom
Wintershall Dea Map United Kingdom
Wintershall Dea Map United Kingdom
Where we operate in the United Kingdom

Wintershall Noordzee exclusively operates offshore in the UK. The Wingate natural gas field belongs to concession block 44/24b and is located east of the British coast off Scarborough. The Sillimanite gas field is situated directly to the north of Wingate and is currently being brought into production by the company. The Winchelsea gas field is located around ten kilometres west of the Wingate complex.

million euros have been invested by the company in the Wingate project.
million cubic metres of natural gas a day are produced on the Wingate platform.
tons is the weight of the jacket with which the platform is anchored to the seabed.
Wintershall Dea Control Centre Wingate
Wintershall Dea Control Centre Wingate

A view of the RCO centre in Den Helder, Netherlands.

Wintershall Dea/Marcel Molle
Wingate – a self-sufficient platform

The Wingate field came on stream in 2011. To enable that, a 1,200 square metre production platform was anchored to the seabed. The unmanned platform is fully self-sufficient: A mini turbine power station generates electricity using the natural gas extracted directly from the field. Production is controlled using the company's own Remote Controlled Operations (RCO) telemonitoring system from Den Helder in the Netherlands. The gas produced is transported by pipeline to the nearby D15-A platform and from there to the Dutch mainland.

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Wintershall Dea Produktionsstätte Norwegen

Big Player on the Shelf

More than 45 years in the country, about 100 licences: Wintershall Dea is one of the leading gas and oil companies in Norway, one of Europe's most important energy suppliers.

Wintershall Dea Netherlands North Sea platform
The Netherlands

Smart Production

Wintershall Dea has more than 20 platforms in the Netherlands. Most of them are unmanned and controlled automatically from the mainland.