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Wintershall Dea has a stake in the major Ghasha Concession by the Gulf – thanks to the decades of experience in sour gas production.

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The United Arab Emirates sit on top of the seventh-largest oil reserves in the world. Wintershall Dea has operated there since 2010. The company chalked up a major success in 2018: The national oil company ADNOC awarded it one of the coveted stakes in the Ghasha Concession. Ghasha is one of the most promising gas and condensate projects that has yet to be developed in the Emirates.

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Sour gas is mainly contained in the natural gas fields by the Gulf which have yet to be developed. It contains toxic hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide. Both are corrosive, so special protective equipment is required. The sour gas reservoir Shuwaihat which Wintershall Dea evaluated by drilling two wells in the past few years is situated in the Al Dhafra region of Abu Dhabi, around 25 kilometres west of the Ruwais industrial centre. The vast majority of the reservoir is located in the sea. The gas and condensate fields of the Ghasha Concession are located north and northeast of Shuwaihat, likewise in the Gulf. Its fields Hail, Ghasha and Dalma and others are to be developed in the coming years. Wintershall Dea has more than 40 years of experience in producing sour gas and working in ecologically sensitive areas, making it a competent partner for developing the Ghasha Concession.

million cubic metres of gas a day are to be produced from the Ghasha Concession in the first year of production.
per cent is Wintershall Dea’s stake in the Ghasha Concession.
wells have been drilled successfully by Wintershall Dea in the Shuwaihat reservoir – one from land, one offshore.
years is the term for the Ghasha Concession contracts.
Wintershall Dea Ghasha

Activities in the Emirates commenced with the Shuwaihat sour gas reservoir (pictured) – and are continued with the Ghasha Concession.

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Ghasha – large reserves, great expectations

The Ghasha Concession not only contains sour and sweet gas, but also significant quantities of valuable condensate. The fields are the largest gas and condensate fields that have yet to be developed in the Emirates. Daily production of 120,000 barrels of oil equivalent is expected in the maximum expansion stage. The project could therefore cater for more than 20 per cent of domestic natural gas demand. Wintershall Dea has a ten per cent stake and its contract with the national oil company ADNOC runs for 40 years. Initial production is scheduled for the middle of the next decade.

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