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Two Wintershall Dea employees in yellow protective clothing
Two Wintershall Dea employees in yellow protective clothing
Wintershall Dea/Thor Oliversen
Net zero

Our Energy Transition Pathway

We have set ourselves ambitious climate targets. By 2030 we want to be net zero across our entire upstream operations.

Diversity at Wintershall Dea
Diversity, equal opportunity and inclusion

Take a stand

Diversity, equal opportunity and inclusion are already lived and practised at Wintershall Dea – and we set ourselves clear goals to entrench these values even more firmly at the Company.


This is the world of Wintershall Dea

Management Wintershall Dea

Wintershall Dea’s Executive Board

Uniting a broad range of expertise, international experience and various nationalities: This is the management team of Wintershall Dea.


Working in a strong team

Wintershall Dea

Specialists wanted

Are you an expert in your field and ready for new challenges? Then step this way.


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We are engaged all over the world

Wintershall Dea Production Site Achimgaz

Reliable Partner

In Russia, Wintershall Dea works together with local companies to produce gas and oil. A special partnership for more than 30 years.

Wintershall Dea Argentina Vibro Trucks

Unconventional Resources

The country's shale gas and shale oil reservoirs rank among the largest in the world. Since more than four decades, offshore gas production in Tierra del Fuego is a solid foothold in Argentina.


We assume responsibility

Wintershall Dea Pipeline

Dedicated to climate protection

We believe that we are contributing to a better world for the generations of today and of the future by simultaneously taking on two major challenges: meeting the growing worldwide need for reliable and affordable energy and helping to mitigate climate change.

Pipeline construction Wintershall Dea
Why Natural Gas

Reliable & climate-friendly

Natural gas is an all-rounder: It can be used today to reduce CO2 emissions not only in power generation, but also in the heating market and the mobility sector – and tomorrow to produce hydrogen.