Wintershall Dea Worker
Wintershall Dea Worker
Wintershall Dea/Christian Burkert

What we believe

Wintershall Dea assumes responsibility – for employees, the environment and society.

Wintershall Dea Pipeline
Climate Protection

Supplying Sustainable Energy

Due to climate change, global CO2 emissions must be reduced while energy needs are rising. We at Wintershall Dea want to contribute to mastering these challenges.
Wintershall Dea Graphic Natural Gas
Why Natural Gas

Secure and Climate-friendly

Natural gas is an all-rounder: It can be used to reduce CO2 emissions not only in power generation, but also in the heating market and the mobility sector.
Wintershall Dea Graphic Crude Oil
Why Crude Oil

Powerful and Indispensable

Crude oil will be an an indispensable raw material for years to come - mainly for the chemical industry, since it's too precious to be consumed for heating or as fuel.

Wintershall Dea commits to explore and produce gas and oil in the most efficient and responsible way.
Wintershall Dea Graphic Performance & Reporting

Performance and Reporting

Wintershall Dea discloses its non-financial performance through different channels guided by international standards.
Wintershall Dea Graphic Our Understanding

Our Approach

It is our ambition to anchor a responsible business conduct as an integral part of our DNA.