Wintershall Dea Worker
Wintershall Dea Worker
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What we believe

Wintershall Dea assumes responsibility – for employees, the environment and society.

Pipeline construction Wintershall Dea
Why Natural Gas

Reliable & climate-friendly

Natural gas is an all-rounder: It can be used today to reduce CO2 emissions not only in power generation, but also in the heating market and the mobility sector – and tomorrow to produce hydrogen.

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Wintershall Dea Graphic Crude Oil
Why Crude Oil

Powerful and Indispensable

Crude oil will be an an indispensable raw material for years to come - mainly for the chemical industry, since it's too precious to be consumed for heating or as fuel.

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Wintershall Dea Our Values header
What we believe

Values that guide us

Our company values guide our actions and define how we want to work together – as a team, with our stakeholders and our partners.

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Wintershall Dea Diversity
Diversity, equity and inclusion

Take a stand

Diversity, equity and inclusion are already lived and practised at Wintershall Dea – and we set ourselves clear goals to entrench these values even more firmly at the Company.

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Wintershall Dea commits to explore and produce gas and oil in the most efficient and responsible way.

Wintershall Dea hot air balloon

Dedicated to environmental and climate protection

We believe that we are contributing to a better world for the generations of today and tomorrow by taking on one of the major challenges facing the world today: Meeting the growing need for reliable and affordable energy and helping to mitigate climate change.

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Health Safety Wintershall Dea
Health and Safety

No room for compromise

Our company works in an industry where great importance is attached to health, occupational and plant safety, security and environmental protection and information protection.

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