Algeria Natural gas from the desert

The Reggane Basin in the Sahara is one of the Earth’s hottest regions – a geologically and logistically challenging venture to produce there.

Wintershall Dea Algeria desert Oasis
Wintershall Dea Algeria
Wintershall Dea

The oil and gas sector is the backbone of Algeria’s economy. And a natural gas project in the Sahara aims to give it a crucial boost. Wintershall Dea is collaborating in the geologically and logistically challenging venture: The company has a stake in the Reggane Nord project. The company’s share of the recoverable gas reserves is around 50 million barrels of oil equivalent.

Quickfact Algeria
Quickfact Algeria
Wintershall Dea Map Algeria
Wintershall Dea Map Algeria
Where we operate in Algeria

The gas fields of the Reggane Nord project are located in the west of the country, in one of the Earth’s hottest regions: the Reggane Basin in the Sahara. It is 1,500 kilometres from the capital of Algiers and the same distance from Algeria’s Mediterranean coast. The Moroccan border is much closer.

years is how long gas production from the Reggane Basin fields is expected to last.
billion U.S. dollars in total will be invested in the Reggane Nord project.
km2 is the area covered by the Reggane gas fields.
Wintershall Dea Production site Reggane Nord Algeria
Wintershall Dea Production site Reggane Nord Algeria

Everything is illuminated: a production site in Reggane Nord.

Wintershall Dea
Reggane Nord: Natural gas from the Sahara

The Reggane Nord project comprises six fields and is the first gas project to start up in the promising region: Drilling of the development wells began in 2015 and gas production at the end of 2017. Wintershall Dea is active part of the consortium further developing the fields. Here, the company's drilling and reservoir expertise is required in particular. The project also poses exceptional logistical demands: The gas fields extend over an enormous area.

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