Denmark Production in the North Sea

Off Denmark’s coast, Wintershall Dea has been producing for decades – and is still exploring further potentials.

Our concession Torsk is named after a famous Danish dish: cod!
Wintershall Dea Denmark Maersk Resolve
Wintershall Dea Denmark Maersk Resolve
Wintershall Dea/Achim Multhaupt

Wintershall Dea has been operating successfully off the coast of Denmark for around 40 years. The southern North Sea still plays a major role in Europe’s energy supply, as repeatedly demonstrated by new projects. For example, the company commenced production as shareholder of Wintershall Noordzee (50% Wintershall Dea, 50% Gazprom) from Ravn, its first self-operated crude field, in 2017. It has a stake in two other oil fields. The company also holds five exploration concessions and is the operator in all of them.

Quickfact Denmark
Quickfact Denmark
Wintershall Dea Map Denmark
Wintershall Dea Map Denmark
Where we operate in Denmark

Wintershall Dea’s concessions are located off the western coast of Denmark: At the border with the Norwegian North Sea, oil is produced from the Nini and Cecilie fields and exploration is conducted in concessions 8/16 and 9/16. The self-operated crude field Ravn adjoins the German section of the North Sea and is connected to the transport network there. The other concessions – Greater Ravn, Elly/Luke and Torsk – are located in the direct vicinity. They are still being explored at present.

km measures the underwater pipeline from Ravn rig to the processing plant in Germany.
square kilometres is the area covered by the 8/16 and 9/16 exploration concessions.
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Wintershall Dea Produktionsstätte Norwegen

Big Player on the Shelf

More than 45 years in the country, about 100 licences: Wintershall Dea is one of the leading gas and oil companies in Norway, one of Europe's most important energy suppliers.

Wintershall Dea Netherlands North Sea platform
The Netherlands

Smart Production

Wintershall Dea has more than 20 platforms in the Netherlands. Most of them are unmanned and controlled automatically from the mainland.