Digitalization & Technology

Wintershall Dea invests in digitalization and technology. To help us perform better today, and to enable a bright future. For our company, our people and the environment.

State-of-the-art offshore platforms are equipped with around 80,000 data-gathering sensors.

Wintershall Dea hero digi tech
Wintershall Dea hero digi tech
Wintershall Dea
Digitalization & Technology

Technological innovation has been a cornerstone of Wintershall Dea’s success for over a hundred years. We focus on technology with a measurable and sustainable impact on environmental, safety, operational and financial performance. Our teams work together to find and deliver solutions that improve our performance, increasing efficiency or lowering CO2 emissions. From digital core analysis to exploration with the help of AI technology and digitalization give us important tools to work in the most challenging fields.


data-gathering sensors can be found on state-of-the-art platforms


hours per basin study are saved by the Exploration Advisory Tool


boost in production is expected from using a virtual flow meter


In the 21st century, data makes the world go round. The digital revolution shows how companies can use data to make better decisions – to collect, analyse and act on data in order to deliver projects sustainably and economically.

At Wintershall Dea, we invest in artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analysis. We have changed the way we collect and manage data, tearing down silos and building systems that are accessible for our teams worldwide. And we are applying digital solutions that use data to deliver a sustainable performance improvement. In doing so, we work with leading industry partners to bring in new skillsets and challenge our existing way of doing things. The result is liberated data, empowered teams, creative thinking and better results.


Technology delivers. From the first exploration through the development phase to the very end of production. Our technology experts work with teams in the field to select and implement the right solutions for the task.

At the exploration stage, our teams use digital core analysis and 3D seismic surveys in the search for gas and oil.

While developing projects, we rely on our profound drilling expertise and our extensive knowledge of smart subsea project implementation.

We apply all of our experience to ensure that we produce efficiently, safely, and in an environmentally-friendly manner. From large-scale gas production in the Egyptian West Nile Delta to crude oil production in an ecologically sensitive area of the German Wadden Sea.