Record Production in Tierra del Fuego

Tierra del Fuego
Wintershall Dea Offshore Platform Vega Pléyade
Wintershall Dea Offshore Platform Vega Pléyade

The CMA-1 Consortium, composed by Total Austral (operator), Wintershall Dea and Pan American Energy reports that this week a record production was achieved in Tierra del Fuego with a volume of 22.8 million cubic meters/day from the offshore fields located north of the Province of Tierra del Fuego. 

This record production was made possible thanks to the expansion project realised in the Cañadón Alfa plant, inaugurated on May 16. The installation of new equipment allowed the extension of the compression capacity, a new gas pipeline of a length of 27 kilometres between the plants Río Cullen and Cañadón Alfa and a gas export line of a length of 2 kilometres permitted to convey the fluid in commercial conditions until reaching the General San Martín gas transport pipeline.

This project, together with the recent Vega Pléyade development, injects greater gas volumes in the local market and thus reduces imports by approximately 8 million cubic meters during the peak demand period in Argentina.

Tierra del Fuego: Thriving partnership

In 1978, the CMA-1 Consortium (Total Austral (37.5%), in co-operation with its partners Wintershall DEA (37.5%) and Pan American Energy (25%)) began its activities in the Argentinian province of Tierra del Fuego. Currently, the CMA-1 Consortium maintains onshore and offshore production in the following reservoirs: Hidra, Kaus, Ara-Cañadón Alfa, Argo, Carina and Aries as well as Vega Pléyade.

The output of these reservoirs is sent to the processing facilities of Río Cullen and Cañadón Alfa, located on the northern coast of the province of Tierra del Fuego. All in all, these reservoirs provide the Argentinian marked with more than 20 million cubic metres of gas every day. Presently, Total Austral continues to develop intense exploration and production activities, taking the chance on a long-term strategic project which has the capacity to permanently supply energy to the country

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