Wintershall Dea Foundation donates for emergency aid in Libya

Kassel / Benghazi
Wintershall Dea Libya Help
Wintershall Dea Libya Help
Action Medeor
  • More than 10,000 fatalities after storm and dam burst
  • 230,000 euros for medical aid go to action medeor

Following devastating floods in eastern Libya, the North African country urgently needs medical supplies to maintain first aid and deliver emergency care. Support is also needed for the treatment of chronically ill people, among the many thousands affected who have lost their homes. The Wintershall Dea Foundation is providing 230,000 euros for humanitarian emergency aid. Wintershall Dea has long had a connection to the country, having been active in Libya since 1958.

The company-foundation is donating the funds to the aid organisation action medeor. The largest medical aid organisation in Germany, action medeor is working with local partners to supply affected regions with medicines and aid. The donation will enable the purchase of medicines, bandages and other medical supplies such as urgently needed blood bags. The supplies arrived in Libya on Friday.

On 11 September, a storm caused severe flooding in eastern Libya. Since then, the port city of Derna has been particularly affected, with large parts of the city destroyed after two dams burst. According to the United Nations, the death toll in the affected areas has risen to over 11,000, with another 10,000 still missing.

"Libya is in urgent need of international assistance. With our support and the emergency aid provided by action medeor, we are making a contribution," explains Michael Sasse, Member of the Foundation’s Board, and Spokesperson for Wintershall Dea. In 2022, the Wintershall Dea Foundation supported action medeor with financial resources for medical care in the war zone in Ukraine and in the neighbouring country of Moldova.

Thomas Ruttmann, Wintershall Dea Managing Director for Libya, explains: "Our company’s history in North Africa and the Middle East began more than 60 years ago in Libya, which is why we have a special bond with the people. We stand by our friends and partners in Libya at this difficult time and hope that the situation stabilises as quickly as possible for those affected." Wintershall Dea is involved in oil production in Libya through subsidiaries in the eastern Sirte Basin and offshore off the coast.

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